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A New Year Ponder

A New Year Ponder

Divorce brings shocks. Whether the divorce was self-initiated or not, whether longed for or a sudden surprise, there are always shocks along the way. And we all know at best shocks are uncomfortable, at worst they are devastating.

The biggest shock can be the total life change divorce brings with it along in its wake. It’s rarely, if ever, just about two people deciding they need to part and amicably going their separate ways. Not only are there repercussions for the two people, involving a total lifestyle change on many levels, there are ripples that run out to children, wider family, friends and often work colleagues too.

Everyone in the former couples’ world is affected to a greater or lesser degree by the breakup. And that usually means judgements and opinions too. Some people will feel the need to ‘take sides’ others will deny there’s any such thing. Friendships are redrawn, family arrangements and traditions are redefined, and the whole thing can get totally overwhelming, unbelievably painful and extremely complex.

It’s no wonder most people going through a long term relationship breakup long for peace. So where can you find it? Here’s a few ideas
It’s in the letting go of outcomes, the non-attachment to things being a certain way.

It’s in nature, walks in forests, on grass or near trees, or if you can, on the beach.

It’s in a sunrise or sunset.

It’s in the stars in a velvety night

It’s in gratitude for what you have.

It’s in caring for the self and giving yourself the priority you deserve.

It’s in the breath, the deep breathing out of the old and the breathing in of the new.

It’s in acceptance.

With much love for a peaceful and fulfilling New Year
Sara x

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