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‘I share how people can build a better relationship with themselves’

Dr Sara Gibbons has been a natural health practitioner and lifestyle strategist for over 20 years and has successfully helped hundreds of clients improve and move on in their lives during this time.

Her aim is to guide people to help themselves to the life and freedom they really want in the most effective and powerful way possible.

Sara has had her own practice for many years. She was the founder and owner of The Practical Natural Therapy Centre in Harrogate, UK, has worked internationally, taught classes and groups and worked with clients one to one.

Sara holds a Doctorate in Client Transformation from the University of Consciousness Education and has extensive training and qualifications in counselling and nutrition, as well as a variety of healing therapies and disciplines.

Together with her personal development and spiritual work of many years, and with the unique insights and guidance from gifted world teachers Mike Robinson and Jo Le-Rose, she has been able to develop both exclusive and effective programmes that really move her clients on fast.

She says ‘After the long and eventful journey that I’ve been on personally, starting at the depths of despair, I now couldn’t be happier, and my life keeps expanding and growing with love and joy.

And this is what I want for you too and I would love to be able to show you how and share it with you.

If you are ready to move on in your life then email Sara now

“Thank you Sara, I wouldn’t be where I am, and I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you for what you do.”

Michelle L, Chicago

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