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Life After Divorce – The Phoenix Programme

A step-by-step empowerment programme to help women heal from the pain of divorce and embrace a life full of love, joy and peace.

The Phoenix Programme, is for women who have been battered emotionally by relationship breakdown and want to move past the pain, and discover key strategies to take back control and fulfil their life’s dreams and potential.


Moving Forward – claim your freedom

For those experiencing bereavement, trauma, a life crisis, or simply feeling stuck!

Discover your own inner power and move on with a purpose and passion for life again.

To get the best out of your life you need to know about the basics of how life really works.

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Health and Wellbeing

Addressing issues at their root cause for optimum success

There’s so much information, and much of it conflicting.  No wonder we get bewildered.

The Health and Wellbeing Programme will get you on track the fastest and most effective way by putting in the right foundations in place, and giving you clarity on what is important.

When you understand the simple principles of Help Your Cellves, you need never be confused again, whatever the ailment or health issue.

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