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Thank you Sara, I wouldn’t be where I am, and I couldn’t have done it, without you.  Thank you for what you do.

Michelle L, Chicago

Thank you so much for the sessions, which are very enlightening. I made the right decision in asking to join your course.

Val B, Norfolk.

Shock and change can paralyse. Sara’s focus is to empower you to step into the feelings of joy, freedom and love.

Patricia D, UK

The course delivered on all of its promises in full.

The decision to ask Sara for her clear unbiased help and support was the best I could have made.

I came to her because I was feeling heartbroken, defeated and utterly confused as to the right way forward.  I was paralysed with indecision and every time I tried to solve my problems things seemed to go badly wrong.  I had been struggling on my own for months to come to terms with the end of my marriage.  Friends offered tea and sympathy and advice influenced by their own experiences but that was contradictory and left me more confused than ever.

Sara immediately provided me with a solid structure and framework to stabilise me and give me the tools I needed to find my way forwards.

This wasn’t a quick fix or sticking plaster for my troubles, but it was absolutely necessary to give me a greater understanding of myself and set me on the path to recovery.

There was a perfect balance to the way the course was structured too.  It  was such a pleasure to be given permission to take care of ‘me’.  To think about myself for a change and what I needed physically and mentally to make me happy.  The encouragement to imagine a new future for myself, full of what I loved most, revived my appetite for life and gave me hope. The course delivered on all of its promises in full.

I would recommend working with Sara to anyone struggling or in pain.  No-one should feel they have to deal with their trauma in isolation.  The relief of having a strong, clear minded , knowledgeable mentor to help guide you through is worth its weight in gold.  I would recommend anyone to step up and ask for the help you need and invest in your own recovery and future well being.

As the well known advert says – you’re worth it.

Katie P, Peterborough

Sara is an amazing coach in personal development, healing, health and well being, of many years, born out of her own life experiences and learning.

Intuitively, she feels the pace needed in each person, to bring about a change, a moving forward, releasing the past. Listening to the spoken and unspoken words, whispers of the soul.

Sara shares generously her skills and tools of healing, trust, truth, wisdom, inner confidence, sense of humour and joyful laughter.  She jolts apathy, self pity and emotional baggage, revealing the truth and enabling the release of past hurt, empowering us to embrace new possibilities, dreams coming to life, feeling alive and truly living again.

Undeterred by life’s ups and downs, understanding the gifts within the invited lessons, Sara courageously keeps moving forward, rejoicing and enjoying life, uplifting with the inner power of love, to always be of service to others.

Sara is unstoppable and a beautiful blessing, with an inner knowing that no matter what life offers for growth, she is always raising up stronger, going beyond, sincerely living her passion to assist others toward expansion, freedom and joy.

‘Be true to Thy.self’ is written within her heart.

Love & gratitude always.

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