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What is love, you need to know, Sara Gibbons

What is Love? You Need to Know.

What is love? This should be an easy question to answer. We hear talk about it all the time, so we must know what it is? But do we? There are different ideas about what love is   Some say its about caring for others. Maybe its about being there for…

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After Divorce, Taking those first scary steps, Sara Gibbons

Taking the first steps after divorce

  Taking the first steps after divorce can be the hardest and scariest to take. "A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step", said Lao Tzu. That seems obvious doesn’t it? To get to where we want to go, however far away or however big a goal that place…

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Handling the shock of divorce and breakup, Sara Gibbons

How to Handle the Shock of Divorce or Breakup

Handling the shock of divorce can be traumatic.  Whether the breakup was sudden and unexpected or not, there are always a few surprises. ,Divorce is often an experience that rocks the very foundations of your life. You may have been stunned by an announcement out of the blue. Perhaps you…

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Are You Moving On?

Are you moving on in the flow of life and going where your goals and dreams are taking you? OR Are you still pretty much stuck where you were 4 weeks, 4 months, or even 4 years ago? Or maybe you find yourself taking two steps forward and one back…

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a new year ponder on the shock of divorce, sara gibbons

A New Year Ponder On The Shock Of Divorce

A New Year ponder on the shock of divorce. Whether the divorce was self-initiated or not, whether longed for or a sudden surprise, there are always shocks along the way. And we all know at best shocks are uncomfortable, at worst they are devastating. The biggest shock can be the…

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Healthy Love In Relationships with Sara Gibbons

What constitutes healthy love in relationships? It is healthy, loving and wise to be considerate of others feelings, but that is not the same as caretaking. As adults we are only truly responsible for ourselves (and under-age children and pets who depend on us!) It is a loving act to…

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