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Healthy Love In Relationships

Healthy Love In Relationships

It is healthy, loving and wise to be considerate of others feelings, but that is not the same as caretaking. As adults we are only truly responsible for ourselves (and under-age children and pets who depend on us!)

It is a loving act to allow others to take responsibility for themselves, so they too can grow and learn what they need to. It may not feel like the love we have been taught, but true love is there for our highest good, not to pander us.

Just as a parent teaches a child to stand on its own two feet before going out into the world, so we can allow others to stand on their own two feet and find their own gifts and place in the world.

If we take responsibility for other adults, we neglect ourselves and our own value.

You are beautiful, powerful beyond measure and lovable. My wish for you today is that you own that for yourself.

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