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Time for a break

This weekend it feels like it’s time to recharge the batteries. 

Is this why it’s called Spring?

It’s been a busy week working on setting up systems for the long term of the business, a process which seems to take forever.

Spring has been in the air the last few days.  The first cherry tree has come into blossom and the bullfinches have been feasting on the buds.  They looked even rounder than usual by the end of the day yesterday as they sat quietly in the tree sunning themselves.  They were quite definitely replete!

A little muntjac deer came into the garden with a really tiny young one tucked into its side, no bigger than a lamb.  It jumped in the air wriggling as it did so, just like young lambs do, and careered around the garden chasing a pheasant before going back to its mother who gave it a comforting lick.

Time to leave the computer for a bit and get myself a good long walk out in nature. And maybe jump a little?

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