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happiness and success

How to Have Happiness and Success with Heart-based Goals

How can we align happiness and success?

Hopefully, while most people know what happiness feels like, success can mean different things to different people. Both, however, can be elusive.

It is common to feel ‘there isn’t enough’ or we ‘haven’t done enough’. It’s easy to slip into the mindset that happiness and success are something for the future. We may have a deep seated belief that these things can only be fleetingly experienced it the present.

For example, those who stress about financial wealth as their only goal can get trapped because there is never ‘enough’.

Thinking that the outcome will make them happy, the stress caused can seem the only way to get what is wanted. However it can become a hamster wheel. As soon as one financial objective is reached, the happiness is short-lived, and another goal is set.  In this way the wheel keeps turning.

Of course, money is important, indeed we need it to live in this society we’ve created, but we also know inside that money in and of itself doesn’t bring happiness either. So how do you achieve both happiness and success?

The happiest folk I know are those who have followed their heart and gone where it leads, rather than taking a route that others have said is best for them (if that is different!). A heart guided path is not always the easiest, but it leaves those who take it with few regrets and a life that brings great joy and satisfaction.

What is true success?

For me, true success, true wealth, is to be living a life of joy, love and fulfilment. To that end, I want to share what I have learnt and how I have got to where I am so that others can move on a lot faster than I did. This is especially those who are going through self-doubt, trauma and suffering.

Writing my book, ‘Rise Again After Divorce: The 5 Keys For Women To Heal Wounds, Resurrect Dreams And Create A Life Full Of Love’ was a complete joy to do. It was also hard work and I gave up several sunny weekends to get it finished. Yet because it was also such a delight to do it didn’t feel the same as when I used to work in my office job. I was working from a place guided by my heart and that felt totally different.

Keep enjoying the journey

Now marketing the book is a completely different matter and feels a lot tougher. If I can let go, then I can drop the stress and enjoy the journey again. The aim is allow it to take on its own life when it’s ready.

Of course this is not a cop out for not taking the action. It is important to keep taking the steps. First the ebook came out in November 2018 and then the paperback was published in January.  I have plans for an audio version very soon. We did a book signing recently at a local café in the tiny village where I live, which was a wondrous experience. I hadn’t expected signing my own book for people would be such fun. I count that as a win!

Maybe some would say to do more marketing, to go faster, push harder. However, I’m doing what I love at a pace that is enjoyable and not stressful. And I’m not exactly slacking! I make sure I do something towards my goals every day.  That can mean going through some barriers and blocks that would like to keep me in my comfort zone.

Change your goals to those that bring you joy

For me, it is important to find and keep a balance. I’m learning to keep moving forward, to keep stretching myself, but in a way that is heart-based and aligned with my true goals. In fact, I’ve changed my vision to more closely reflect what I really want, a business and life that brings me joy, that makes me want to get up in the morning, that is love-filled and satisfying to my soul. That is what aligning happiness and success mean to me.  The truth is that wasn’t happening when I was focused on only standard business based goals.

Loving what you do is the best success

Success doesn’t lead to happiness, happiness leads to both success and a life journey with much more fun along the way. Make that journey full of all the things you love to do and you will find you can say, ‘I love what I do!’ And when you love what you do you will enjoy every little success along the way. You can relish life in all its fullness.

Let’s celebrate our success together.

With love always

Sara x


If you would like further information or support from Sara Gibbons about divorce, lifestyle or health and wellbeing issues then feel free to ask and we can organise a call together.

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