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How to find your power, sara gibbons

How To Find Your Power!

Everything is shifting so fast, all over the world.  We are in the middle of unprecedented changes in how we live, and that can feel scary. You need to know how to find your power.

What can we do?

Our external world is turning into something that would have been unrecognisable at the beginning of the year, but how we feel inside is the critical aspect of how we experience our life.

Inside yourself is how to find your power.  How you respond and react, as well as what you think about is what shapes the reality of your life.

How To Find Your Power: By Applying Gratitude

For example, scientists have discovered that feelings of gratitude can actually change your brain. Feeling gratitude can also be a great tool for overcoming depression and anxiety.

Gratitude also helps keep your frequency high, and when your frequency is high you are much less likely to get ill.

How To Find Your Power: By Avoiding Stress

Stress on the other hand has been shown to be the cause of up to 75% of doctors visits.  Some figures put this even higher. And stress is caused by what we think about and how we respond to situations.

It’s clear that worry doesn’t help.  Easier said than done I know, but here’s a formula to help keep focus when thoughts get scattered.

Can you do anything about [insert here whatever the issue is]?
Yes?  – Take the action you can, then stop worrying.
No?   –  Stop worrying!

Yes, I know its simplistic, but it’s a good starting place to begin reassessing how to change habitual patterns of worry that aren’t serving you and are causing their own problems, potentially including your own health.  A change of attitude together with an approach of gratitude can lift you into more positivity and so the spiral of mood and emotion starts to go up instead of down.

And breathe …

And one final thing here.  Don’t forget to breathe. a few deep breaths whilst focusing on the abdomen, just below the navel, is very grounding and you can start to feel the tension moving away.

Above all, YOU are the director of your own life and you can consciously and actively be that director by accessing your inner power. When you experience that for yourself you know how to find your power.

Much love to all you powerful ones!


Dr Sara Gibbons is a best selling author as well as a health, lifestyle, and wellbeing coach specialising in sharing how people can have a better relationship with themselves. 

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