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Redox Signalling Molecules are Essential for Health

The relevance of new scientific understandings at the cellular level concerning redox signalling molecules and their significance for good health.

It makes logical sense that if we have healthy cells we have healthy tissues, organs and in turn a healthy body.

Redox signalling molecules are no more than four atoms in size

But how do we care for ourselves at a cellular level?

There are some breakthroughs in science that almost seem more like science fiction and one of the latest is no exception.  As scientists are increasingly able to look at tiny molecular activities in the body they are discovering and beginning to understand some of the trillions of activities that go on in each and every cell every day, and sometimes every second of every day.  The complexity and sheer number of processes within each cell of our bodies is quite simply mind blowing, particularly when you know that on average our bodies themselves are made up of approximately 75 trillion cells.  That’s a lot of activity. Amongst all this one group of molecules are attracting particular attention for their contribution to cellular health via their role in immune activity, antioxidant protection, digestive health, mental cognition, cardiovascular function, joint and muscle support, pain and nervous system function, anti-inflammatory support, oxidative stress reduction, cell function generally as well as genetic expression.

How many people have ever heard of redox signalling molecules?  At the moment very few, but soon these little molecules are going to be as famous as anti oxidants and penicillin and understanding them is now at the cutting edge of emerging health science.  As a consequence over 200 diseases, including major health challenges, are coming under this particular microscope for further study, whilst hundreds of articles from all over the world appear in medical journals every month exploring different aspects of the molecules in detail. The results emerging so far are explaining such basic mysteries as how our bodies manage to heal by themselves, what is happening when they don’t heal and why we age.

So what are redox signalling molecules? They are tiny molecules, no more than four atoms each in size, that are created within every cell of the body and are vital to the immune system, to cellular communication systems and for activating antioxidants. They undertake functions that are central to all higher forms of life on the planet and a proper balanced supply of them enables damaged dysfunctional cells to fade away and healthy vibrant cells to take over.

Scientists have been aware of these molecules for many years, but until relatively recently they were generally thought to be potentially damaging by-products of cellular fuel production.  It is now known that they are so critical that without them we would die in minutes.

Simply put balanced redox signalling molecules are critical for the proper functioning of the cells and the immune system, but when these molecules are put out of balance for any reason a situation commonly known as oxidative stress results.  In turn oxidative stress is now known to be a significant factor for many diseases and major health challenges.

When we are born healthy we have a plentiful supply of balanced redox signalling molecules. For example children can heal fast and run around all day and not be sore the next day.  But as we age the supply diminishes and we age, get sick and take longer to heal. Why is that?

It is commonly quoted that today we are subjected to more toxins in a day than our great great grandfathers were in their whole lifetime.  Babies are being born with toxins already in their bodies as there are environmental contaminants that cross the placental barrier.  Many doctors are describing the health issues presented to them by patients as getting more and more complex over time. Environmental factors such as pollutants, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, toxins, infections and even excess sunlight cause our bodies problems.  Combinations of poor diet, lack of quality sleep, lack of proper exercise and existing health issues as well as modern day stressful living can also cause problems at the cellular level.  This can put a lot of pressure on the immune system and as a result it can become imbalanced and underperform, leading to even more health challenges. When there is a lower supply of redox signalling molecules, and consequent signals between and within cells are not clear, then cells function at less than optimum levels and oxidative stress is a result. This flags up a problem to the cells, but if there aren’t enough resources to deal with the issues then oxidative stress becomes more significant with the result that the body ages and is prone to disease and malfunctions.

So what can we do to achieve and maintain a healthy, vibrant body, particularly at the cellular level?

Clearly it is important to give the body the raw materials it needs in order to support it. This includes a quality diet, quality sleep, a healthy amount of exercise, a healthy attitude to life and products that have the correct balance of redox signalling molecules.

A lot has already been written about improving diet, sleep, exercise and stress, but not so much about redox signalling molecules.  There has been a particular scientific breakthrough concerning these essential molecules that at the moment very few people know about. Once thought impossible to do because of their highly reactive nature, a group of scientists have managed to stabilise and balance these molecules outside the body and they are now available to take as a drink supplement.  This is another significant tool for good health, and a very effective one too.
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