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Rise Again After Divorce: the book is out

Rise Again After Divorce: The 5 Keys For Women To Heal Wounds, Resurrect Dreams And Create A Life Full Of Love.

Are you having trouble coming to terms with a divorce or the loss of a long-term relationship? Maybe you are left feeling lost, alone and insecure? ‘Rise Again After Divorce’ by Sara Gibbons has recently been published as an ebook and covers in a practical and engaging way how to implement 5 proven keys that are critical to turning things around:

The 5 keys summarised:

  •      recognising the importance of you and how that leads to an improved sense of self-worth
  •      revealing new understandings of what has been happening, and why, giving you peace
  •      the cause of why you find yourself where you are, leading to a greater sense of acceptance
  •      how to develop your vision for the future and create the life you want with joy
  •      the importance of support and how to get it, opening you up to an abundance of love

Most importantly, the book will show you how to get in the driving seat of your life. This will also mean you will know how to avoid repeating history and be able to move forward with a clear purpose.

When you finally know what to do and how to see it through, you will find that your whole life will change. As soon as you are aware of the changes taking place, you will feel more confident and have hope for your future. Then you will be able to leave the past where it belongs, make your dreams for the future a reality, and skip around any stumbling blocks that threaten to prevent that happening.

‘Rise Again After Divorce’ is for you whether you’re feeling helpless about your divorce, want some tips to help understand more and make further improvements, or are most definitely ready to leave the past firmly where it belongs and move on in style.

You can check it out here if you’re in the UK

or here if you want the Amazon .com site

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear back.

Furthermore – you don’t need a Kindle to access the ebook, you can read from any laptop, computer or smartphone.

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