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how to get unstuck, Sara Gibbons

How To Get Unstuck – Sara Gibbons

What can you do when you are feeling trapped and exhausted by others and by your life? How can you get unstuck and change things when you feel your life is passing you by, and without your permission? Maybe you feel deep inside you deserve more but you can’t reach it. Perhaps you get near, get a glimpse of where you want to be, and then it slips away again.

There is  a way out

There is ALWAYS a way out and that is the absolute truth. You simply have to find it and take the path shown to you.

How? Here are a few suggestions.


Have you ever realised after an event that there was a little voice saying – do this, or don’t do that and you overrode it? Looking back, you realise you had a warning about doing something or a little push to get you to do something, and you ignored it. You realise, in hindsight, if only….

That little voice is your guide. That voice has always been your guide. It never leaves you, rather it is simply waiting for you to listen. Possibly it might come as words. or it might come as a feeling. It might come as an inner knowing. Listen to that voice, it’s on your side!

Take action

You have your goals, your dreams but right now feel you can’t achieve them. I want to tell you that you can, but you do have to take consistent action focussed clearly on the direction you want to go.

Set it out on paper, your goal, where you want to be. Give yourself a timetable for when you want to get there. Then work backwards, filling in all the steps you need to take to get you there.


Quite possibly you have likely been told at least at some time in your life to override your feelings, but we do that it just doesn’t work! Feeling is an intrinsic part of being human and it can also be used to create the life we want.

Did you get excited by the idea of making your dreams a reality? THAT is what you want to harness. Keep focussing on what you want, the possibilities, the hope, and how you will feel when you get there. Start enjoying the journey of getting there. Feeling is a terrific tool to help you get where you want to be.

When you really FEEL what you want and hold it, the universe has to answer that feeling, it’s The Law! That what magnetic attraction is and you are magnetic.

When you change the feeling, when you listen for guidance and act upon it you will find yourself in a place where you will no longer attract to you that which does not serve you.

I’ve done this myself and worked with others who have too – and I know it’s the truth.

There’s more…

I go into much more detail on this and much more in the my just published new ebook

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This book has been written for you so you can know how to get unstuck, climb out of the pit of emotional pain and reach the sunshine again. AND do it a whole lot faster than I did!

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Maybe you know someone else who could benefit from this book? Feel free to share it with them – the more the merrier!. Let’s find out how to get unstuck, put an end to the suffering, and move on together.

Let me know what you reckon here.  I love to hear back from you.

If you would like further information or support from Sara Gibbons about divorce, lifestyle or health and wellbeing issues then feel free to ask and we can organise a call together.

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how to get over your divorce faster, sara gibbons

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