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Cheap Organic Food – all year round and without a garden

A complete food chain in your own kitchen

With so many food scares around, how can you make sure that what you eat is wholesome and healthy? With fears over contamination, salmonella, pesticides and GM crops, how can you ensure the food for yourself and your family is really fit to eat?

Presentation1The King of Foods at a Paupers Price

Many people are turning to fresh organic produce as a response to their growing distrust of the conventional food chain, mass-produced or processed food. Fresh organic food usually tastes significantly better than non-organic and has a higher nutritional content, provided it’s not been sitting on the shelf for too long. The major downside for many is the cost. Unless you grow your own that is. No garden? No time? Then try sprouting seeds. The king of foods at a pauper’s price. Little powerhouses of life force and nutrition, quick and easy to grow, no garden required, and they taste great too.

Get some ‘toddler energy’

A seed or grain has all the nutrients to grow into a small plant. These nutrients lie dormant whilst the seed is dry, but add water and start the growth process and the nutrients are released like plant rocket fuel, giving the growing plant the sort of ‘toddler-type’ energy we all envy. By eating sprouted seeds we fill up on this energy and give ourselves a boost.

The Alfalfa Powerhouse

Almost any edible seed can be grown, but particular favourites are mung bean (a good source of protein, vitamin C, iron and potassium), aduki (Vitamin C, iron and protein), and alfalfa (a huge list of nutrients, including calcium and B12). In fact the nutrients in alfalfa are so abundant that it has been claimed if we had to live in an underground shelter and could only take one food with us, we should choose alfalfa seeds and fresh water.

How to grow

A really convenient way to grow sprouted seeds is in a boxed set of 3 stacking trays. This one is 23 x 23 x 20 cm. Most people can find that much space on the worktop! Soak the seeds overnight, rinse and drain and spread into the trays – not too many at a time, they grow fast. Leave on the worktop, rinsing and draining a couple of times each day, and for most seeds you’ll get results within 2 – 3 days when they can be eaten at their nutritional peak of freshness and vitality. Pop any excess in an airtight bag and they’ll keep in the fridge for several days. Rinse before eating.

How to use

Use the sprouts in stir-fries, sprinkle on soups, try in salads, sandwiches or pâtés, or just as nibbles and snacks straight from your own organic kitchen. From organic seed to your plate – a complete food chain and no middlemen. What could be safer or more nutritious?

For more information on how to sprout haved a look at The Sprouters Handbook

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