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The Simple Keys to Health and Wellbeing

‘All health problems can be linked to damaged cells’
Dr Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. Atomic Medical Physicist

We live in a world where ‘new’ illnesses and diseases are continually being identified hand in hand with new drugs that are constantly being researched to treat them.
Often drugs mask the symptoms rather than actually helping the body to heal itself.
Furthermore it’s not unusual for more prescriptions to be handed out to deal with the side effects of the original drug, and then another for the additional side effects of the second one etc.

How about if we flipped this approach?

Cells are the basic building blocks of all life. So, what if we made the body’s cells the starting point towards health and vitality? What if we gave the cells what they need to work their amazing daily miracles?

We have approximately 75 trillion cells in our bodies and every second of every day they are busy. They are like little cities going about their work, all day every day. To function well cells need to be able to detect any problems they may have threatening them or within them. They then need to repair whenever possible. But if they can’t repair themselves then it’s vital to replace the unhealthy and damaged cells with new healthy cells and for that to happen speedily. When that process is working properly we have health. Not just so so health, but vital and vibrant health. Many people have actually forgotten what it is like to feel that way and they accept less than what their body and nature intended. So here are a few guidelines that everyone can utilise to give your body and those really important cells what they desperately need.

Keys to consider for vital and vibrant health

1. Healthy dietnutrition is clearly the first step to a healthy body and its importance cannot be overstated. But in our toxic, stressful and depleted world diet alone is insufficient for truly optimum health

2. Amino acids – the building blocks for proteins. Amino acids give our cells structure and carry out many important bodily functions. A lack of just one of the 22 considered essential for human health can lead to the metabolism only functioning in a limited way, resulting in health issues. In our world today there are countless factors that mean we are not receiving a complete balance of these critical substances. These factors include loss in processed food, as a result of toxins in the environment, and even smoking and drinking leading to a lowering of their absorption in the body.
A simple and effective way to supplement the human body with the amino acids it needs is an avocado a day. This powerful little gem provides a staggering 20 of the 22 essential amino acids.
Another way is via a quality amino acid shake, taken with juice, coconut water or filtered water.

3. Minerals Many people are missing trace minerals in their diet. Many are also short of the significant mineral magnesium, needed for hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, as well as being important for nerve and muscle health, the immune system and for bones, to name just a few.
Orally a magnesium supplement can lead to digestive upsets when taken in the high doses needed, particularly early on in supplementation, so a good way to supplement with magnesium is via a lotion

4. Vitamins Essential for so many functions in the body, vitamins act as a catalyst, combine with proteins to create enzymes that in turn are responsible for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.

5. Redox Signalling Molecules These are molecules that go beyond nutrition and give your body, in particular the cells it is made up of, the raw materials they need to repair themselves and boost the immune system

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