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8 Simple Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

Effective anti-aging tips that can turn the clock back so you look and feel amazing

We all want to look and feel our best, but it can be so confusing, time consuming and not to say expensive, finding out what works and what doesn’t. Here I’ve put together some of my own personal favourites for simply and effectively beating time so you can shine in all your glory, outside and inside for years to come!

Because you really are worth it!

Caring for ourselves is essential. In fact self-care is the number one place to start to turn that clock back on the march of time. Some of us have been brought up to put everyone else before ourselves. Yet if we don’t look after ourselves who will? And who knows us better than we know ourselves? So commit to a couple of things for yourself, keep going, add in a few more, and watch yourself reverse the tide!

1.  You’re sweet enough

It’s increasingly coming to be realised that one of the most damaging substances in our diets is the sweet stuff, and particularly white and refined sugar. Whilst many food manufacturers would prefer you not to realise this, there is a growing amount of evidence that sugar is a major factor not only in the obvious areas of obesity and diabetes, but also in cancer, arthritis and many other significant and debilitating conditions as well as more minor irritations. In fact high sugar consumption is considered one of the main reasons for the shocking statistic that, for the first time in the country’s history, 30% of this current generation of American children is expected to lead shorter lives than their parents.

Do yourself a huge favour and start to change to natural sugars and better still, even to less of them. Don’t substitute artificial sweeteners. These are toxic to the body and anything toxic is going to cause it stress and lead to aging symptoms. Start to train your palate to accept less of sugar-laden foods and more foods that utilise other flavours such as herbs and spices to zip up your food.

You will be surprised how much increased vitality you can have with this one straightforward change.

2.  Let go of this – it shrinks the brain!

Stress has become a part of so-called ‘living’ for most of us. Stress and striving cause anxiety and tension, and as well as messing with hormone balance they actually changes the physical makeup of the brain making us more prone to anxiety and depression. Chronic stress can actually kill or shrink neurons in parts of the brain. Take stock; is everything we do really necessary or have a lot of things just become a habit? Making lists are a great way to stop things whirring around the brain and keeping a pen and paper by the bed to jot things we need to do or have forgotten can help the middle of the night angst.

3.  Use it or lose it!

Our bodies are designed to move. Exercise and movement keeps so many functions and processes working optimally in the body including release of hormones and other substances essential for vitality. The more we move the more we are able to move. The more sedentary we are the quicker the body slows down its functions and begins its slide into infirmity.

The good news for those who don’t like going to the gym is that you can achieve the life enhancing benefits of exercise in a few minutes a day. Something to get the heart rate going plus a walk in nature can be hugely beneficial. Yoga and Chi Gong are great ways to keep flexible and increase energy levels. Also the 5 Tibetan Rites are a group of exercises that can have a huge and positive impact on vitality they bring in about 5-10 minutes a day. They are deceptively easy looking. Start slowly!

4.  Show the baddies the door

We live in a much more toxic environment than any generations before us. The air we breathe, the materials in our homes and workplaces, the products we use personally and at home are all liable to be adding to the toxic soup. Take some time to read the labels and start to minimise the baddies in your own environment. There are lots of alternatives now available, and the less toxins your body has to deal with the fitter and healthier you’ll be. The healthier you are the slower you’ll age.

5.  Open the door (and your lungs) to the good stuff

Open doors and windows to let fresh air in to refresh your home every day. Take a few minutes a day to be outside in nature, relax and breathe. We need a fresh supply of the good stuff to keep us in tip top condition, it is the
Breath of Life after all, and we want to live a long time.

6.  An hours sleep before midnight is worth two hours after

This was an old saying of my mothers and funnily enough, like a lot of traditional wisdoms, it does seem there is some truth in it. At the very least it has been shown that it is a myth that you can ‘catch up’ on sleep. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Our bodies undertake essential repairs when we are asleep, so don’t skimp here or it will start to show.

7.  Feeling good on the inside

Keeping ourselves healthy on the inside gives every cell of our bodies a better chance of functioning well and so keeping us in tiptop condition overall. We all know that a healthy diet really makes a difference. We can feel it when we do it. Plenty of veggies and fruit– juice them if you’re not keen on the taste of some, mix them up to disguise the flavour of what you don’t like but you know is good for you! Add in healthy oils, a good source of amino acids, and ensure a good supply of vitamins and minerals and you have nearly every base covered. Why only nearly?

Well, in addition to good nutrition, we are now able to supplement the body with the very molecules every cell contains that enable them to work optimally and heal and repair themselves. A supplement of balanced stabilised redox signalling molecules gives your body the raw materials your cells and body need to process all the good nutrition, to produce essential antioxidants, carry out repairs and communication and so much more. In fact without these molecules in our cells we wouldn’t last very long at all. This molecule supplement becomes even more significant as we age, as our cells produce less of them naturally, a significant feature as to why we age, heal more slowly and have a greater tendency to get sick as we get older. Seriously consider a redox signalling supplement if you want to live longer, younger.

8.  Looking good too!

Looking good is part of feeling good so taking a little time to look after your skin makes sense to keep yourself looking young and feeling great. There are many cosmetic products that offer appearance enhancing benefits. Here are a few of my personal favourites

The 2 Minute Miracle Gel, is a 7 in 1 product that in one application cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, brightens, tones, minimises the look of pores and also acts as a primer. This product is smooth and gentle, suitable for all skins, as well as quick and easy to use, but above all it works!

Then for even better long term results follow with RENU28. This is a 4 ingredient skin repair gel that you simply apply lightly to clean skin for speedy improvements in wrinkle depth, hydration, smoothness and the overall health of your skin. This highly effective, and new to market product utilises the power of science to understand how to help cells of the body work optimally, and is now being discovered by Hollywood ‘A’ listers, so you WILL hear more about it. (Remember you heard about it here first!)

If you have dry skin and need a little extra hydration after this I recommend Green Keratin Hyaluronic moisturising serum.

Looking younger whatever your age

There is always something we can do to help ourselves. Life is full of choices. By taking the time to make a few simple changes now you can increase your likelihood of looking good longer and, more importantly, feeling good longer. By having that glow of vitality you will shine from the inside and glow on the outside, whatever your age.

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