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Your Health Really is in Your Own Hands

You are the master of your own health destiny.

If you currently feel that your health is a lottery, that you have little or no control over it, then you’ll want to know about epigenetics.
About what?!?

Whatever is Epigenetics??

In a nutshell it used to be thought that your genetic makeup, inherited from your ancestors, determined your health. However extensive, long term and international cooperative research into genetics and DNA revealed that whilst scientists might be able to complete a complicated genetic map it didn’t lead them to be able to predict what these genes would actually DO!
So the focus shifted to looking at what actually determines the actions of the genes, known as the epigenome; literally meaning ‘in addition to or above the genome’ (or genetic material).
Here scientists discovered that whilst your genetic blueprint, remains the same you can change how that blueprint is actioned.

What is involved in the actioning of the genetics?

It is now known that there are several key factors in how the messages from the epigenome are activated in the genome, including

  • Diet and hydration
  • Lifestyle, including stress levels
  • Beliefs and thinking

Is ANY health issue determined by genetics?

Statistics vary slightly, but some scientist reckon only 2% of human illness is due to genetics. That means that 98% of wellness is in your own hands!
So if you want to optimise your health and wellbeing the places to start are your nutrition and liquid intake, your supplement intake, your lifestyle choices and your attitude to life. The self-care involved in making informed choices in these areas and taking action will make big differences to your life. Simple. Not necessarily easy, but definitely simple.

How empowering is that?

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