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Rise Again after Divorce, Sara Gibbons

‘Forward After Fifty’ interview with Rebecca Ronane

Rebecca Ronane recently interviewed me for her Facebook page Forward After Fifty

She says, “I’m talking today with health practitioner and lifestyle strategist Sara Gibbons on the subject of Women Rising Again After a Life Change.  Sara shares her Top Tips for overcoming hurts, resurrecting dreams and creating a new life. She includes a simple tool for making challenging decisions ‘The Two Paths’. She also tells us about her new book just out.”

Our discussions include my motivation for writing ‘Rise Again After Divorce‘.  We also speak about how societal changes have affected the aspirations of women, and the effects those changes have had on relationships.

You can watch the interview below. It begins in earnest at 2:48 minutes in, once we had worked out the technicalities!

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how to get over your divorce faster

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