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The 28 Day Power Cleanse – a blog

Week Three – Detoxing

Day 15 (2001)

I should have added a warning before starting this blog. If there’s a chance to make a mess I will. My mother used to tell me as a child that the dirt jumped up and hit me, as she looked longingly at the daughter of our neighbours who managed to keep her beautiful dresses clean all day every day. But then again some of us like climbing trees and making dens and mud pies, and some don’t care for it.

Today’s mess was bad. I did the spinach trick from yesterday which helped a bit but the chaos happened right at the beginning and I still had so much more juicing to do. What I realised today is that I probably need to let the rollers do the work in their own time. If I force a lot of ripe squishy fruit through at a faster pace than the machine can handle then I have a problem. Will try out the new theory tomorrow.

I went to bed very early last night and then slept in today so am a bit behind with the timetable, but apparently ‘sleep is a juice’ so all good. I certainly feel full of get up and go today so something’s definitely happening. I also have a crawling sensation in the middle of my back and the feeling was one of parasites being given the old heave ho! Euwww… I mention this on our support Facebook page and am given a sound/vibration to listen to once a day until the symptoms pass – watch this space.

Day 16 (2000)

There’s something funny going on with my nose. Since the start of the cleanse it’s been a bit sore and feels uncomfortable to breathe, as if it needs blowing all the time. It is suggested I sniff some ASEA to see if that will clear it. I’ve had sinus and ENT problems all my life and had my tonsils and adenoids removed at a very young age because of recurrent infections (that’s what they did in those days!), so it is definitely a weak spot for me.

Out for the evening, so took my smoothie with me to have in the car before the event.

Day 17 (1999)

I’ll be singing the Prince song all day today – and partying tonight! Well juicing anyway. 1999 was a big year for me as I opened a natural therapy centre in Harrogate and it was very hard work getting it all together ready to launch.

Orient express juice today! My favourite! Yay!

Feeling good.

Day 18 (1998)

This is the year I left full time employment forever and launched in to the entrepreneurial world of the self-employed – and I’ve not looked back!

A challenging and exciting start to the day. I get offered some tickets for a show tonight, which means I’m out for the28 Day Power Cleanse Juicing disaster whole day and evening too, and it’s that messy berry and beetroot juicing day. I get in a terrible pickle. The pineapple froths everywhere and takes the red colours with it. There’s something not right here. No time to investigate further for now, I have to tidy up as best I can and get out the door, but not before taking a pic!

I have a great day out and about and really don’t feel hungry at all, though I do have an avocado late afternoon. I go the show with a ‘fellow cleanser’, and we have a good natter about things we don’t really want others to overhear! Well we are getting in touch with our physical health after all, so comparing cleansing notes and how everything is working is all part of it.

Day 19 (1997)

Getting close to some key turning points as well as painful years in my life now and am a bit wary of the next few days for that reason. This year was a turning point for a good reason though as I met some incredible people who have remained very special.

A late start today and I’m behind all day with the juicing. I feel to take it all steady today as I’m a little bit spacey, probably after the very late night yesterday, which I’m not used to. A walk in some beautiful local gardens lifts the spirits, though sadly I have to pass on one of their gorgeous afternoon teas. Soon, I’ll have one very soon….

I do some investigating on the internet and find out that my juicer is so old it was discontinued in 2000! And the twin gear set (the rotating cogs) are supposed to be replaced every 5 years. No wonder I’m having problems. Reckon to order a smaller juicer to do the softer fruits as my existing juicer is fine for most things and is very efficient in extracting lots of juice and leaving a good dry pulp for the harder stuff; another twin gear juicer will have to wait for some funds to be available, as well as some research into which one to get.

28 Day Power Cleanse - ready to start juicingAnyway here’s a pic – just so you can see how organised I am when I START juicing…..

Day 20 (1996)

A bit of an ooops today. The blades of the blender weren’t sitting in the base properly, so when I added the juice it leaked out the bottom – all that lovely nutrition going all over the work top! Fortunately I had a couple of empty containers to hand to quickly decant so I didn’t lose too much – won’t be doing that again in a hurry!

Again a gentle start as I’m feeling a bit delicate emotionally. However when I do the morning exercise of the 5 Tibetan rites I’m aware of the most vital difference in my body that I’ve experienced since the first few weeks when I first started taking ASEA 3 years ago! Then my body’s efficiency quite simply went up a notch, aches and pains dissolved and energy levels soared and I experienced a subtle inner and outer strength that is hard to describe. There is something that fades so gradually as you age that you either don’t notice it or feel it is normal, but when it starts to reverse, and particularly quite quickly, it’s just wow! I’m feeling so grateful to have these two tools in my life. Superb nutrition and redox signalling molecules. *Sniff. As I said a bit of an emotional day today.

Day 21 (1995)

Energy levels continuing to rise. The lunch juice today is really scrumminess personified – called Drop of Sunshine it doesn’t taste a bit like it looks – which is very green – probably because it has loads of pineapple, apples and lemon in it too. I don’t know why I didn’t clock this juice in week 1 but there we go, I have now. A simply brilliant way to get lots of greens down my throat without even noticing! I also managed to juice ½ a pineapple with everything else and not end up with a mess – I should’ve taken a pic to prove it! Am I getting the hang of this juicing malarkey at last? Well there’s another week to go and the mixed berries and a couple more pineapples await, so time will tell.

That’s the third week done. 75% through the programme and only 1 week left!

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