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The 28 Day Power Cleanse – a blog

Week 5: Days 29-35 (1987 – 1980)

Well here I am on the fifth week of the 28 day Power Cleanse. I reckon I’m just beginning to really understand how this amazing cleanse actually works. By giving your body massive amounts of nutrition you are giving it permission to let go of the toxic fat cells, the stuff it’s been holding on to ‘just in case’. This is one of the key things that sets this cleanse apart from others – give the body simply HUGE quantities of nutrition and then watch it let go of what it doesn’t need.

Juice made with loveThe juices and smoothie recipes have been prepared with such love and care too. The alchemy of the recipes mean you don’t really taste all the individual ingredients but a whole new flavour combination is created and the results are truly wonderful, varied and totally scrummy.

There is a maintenance programme, but I’m not ready for that yet. I want to keep going.

It’s been an up and down week, a mixture of feeling full of health and then quite tired, inspiration and then resting. I actually get loads of stones out of the liver – now that is remarkable too! It’s been suggested I make sure I’m taking Vit B12 and add some black strap molasses to the smoothies to be certain I’m getting enough iron and to help with the tiredness.

Being a sweet tooth girl, and because I’d already made my smoothies for the day, I read this and decide to tuck into the black sticky stuff straightaway. Anyone who knows me will know I’m the sort of person who can quite happily eat a whole high density chocolate bar in one sitting, and who can never ever understand people who say “one piece of chocolate is quite enough thank you”! I have a spoonful of the molasses and immediately it feels quite sickly. This is revelation to me, a whole new experience. Have my taste buds actually changed? Well time will tell, but if so then it will be quite impressive. In any event, the next serving of molasses is going in the smoothie and not from the spoon to my mouth direct!

I’ve been adding extra hemp and pea protein to the smoothies to keep from further weight loss  – though I am noticing that  I am continuing to lose a small amount, which is not entirely a bad thing, especially if it’s those naughty toxic fat cells that are being shown the door! I still have a crawling sensation in the middle of my back and can’t wait for the anti-parasitic capsules to arrive so I can really knock the little tinkers on the head. In the meantime I have noticed that my skin is incredibly smooth now, the dry skin on my elbows has completely healed, as has the dry skin on my heels, and there are no more little bobbly whitish pimplies on the back of my arms at all.

I keep on keeping on……..bring on week 6!

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