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The 28 Day Power Cleanse – a blog

Week Four – Repair and Abundance

Day 22 (1994)

Just to show I’m getting the hang of juicing here’s a pic to prove it! As recommended I’m using the fruit mesh for the softer fruits, which adds a bit more pulp to the juice but also means I don’t get a Mount Vesuvius effect either with froth everywhere!


I feel quite hungry today so have an avocado AND a banana! Haha – I bet that sounds really naughty – not – if you’re just sitting down to a plate of chips!

A whole lot of emotional feelings coming up and feeling vulnerable. 1994 was a tough year so I guess it’s no surprise.

What is a surprise though is how accurately the emotions of each year are reflected in the particular days of the cleanse – and others doing the cleanse with me are experiencing the same thing too. I remind myself a day is a lot shorter than a year!

Day 23 (1993)

Another successful juicing day so I’m getting more and more confident I’m getting the hang of it. The emotional feelings are subsiding a little and starting to feel a bit stronger and steadier again.

However it’s not just the juicing and blending itself that is messy, I’m finding drops of juice up the window, on the IMG_2676computer, anywhere and everywhere, and I’ve realised it’s getting flicked off the end of the straw. It is suggested that we drink the juice through a straw to help protect our teeth. It also helps with a sort of a chewing action, especially the thicker smoothies, and in addition means you take the drink slower which helps digestion. The straws I have are bendy ones with a concertina effect near the top. If I’m not holding the straw when I stop sipping a drop of the juice, and particularly the smoothie, shoots off in any ol’ direction – as I’m discovering. Who knew there would be so many new techniques to master doing this cleanse? :)

Lots of jobs done this morning, a restful afternoon before taking my smoothie along with me to an evening meeting. Everyone else has a fast food buffet; I can’t help but make a noise drinking my last drops of smoothie with a straw! What I want to know is who first decided it was a rude sound?? I stop sipping VERY carefully, not wanting to unwittingly share any with my neighbours!

Day 24 (1992)

Everything takes a long time today – juicing, exercise, washing up, clearing tasks etc etc. In reality I’m probably on a bit of a go slow. I’ll be very glad to see the end of the 90’s. I plod my way through the day, but the sun is shining and the warmth is uplifting.

Day 25 (1991)

Action stations this morning to get everything ready to leave for a busy day out. I have a timetable and I need to stick to it to get everything done. Again I’m still feeling the effects of the deeper detox so need to do a bit extra ‘clearing’.

Very thankful at this stage to be connected with others who are also on the same journey and also to have expert and personalised advice at my fingertips via the private Facebook page. It really does make all the difference.

Day 26 (1990)

Pretty tired today so again I set out my list and do my best to work through it. I do the essentials, but have some aches and sensations deep in my hips that slow me down. I am told that the middle areas of the body are the last places to detox and lose toxic fat cells and that makes so much sense as I can feel there is something happening there. I sneak in a pre-finish weigh in and discover I have lost quite a few pounds in weight. Not really a surprise as my clothes are noticeable looser. I’ll do a proper weigh-in and measure-check on the last day.

Day 27 (1989)

Who would have though adding a parsnip to a juice/smoothie could be so yummy? It gives a lovely delicate flavour and also some texture as well as making the drink taste more substantial.

I feel very happy to have left the 90’s behind and realise, not for the first time, that I can remember very little of the 80’s. I had 2 small children, a full-time job and was renovating a large house. Not surprisingly I was totally exhausted the whole time, especially because being a bit of a perfectionist I made everything a lot harder for myself than it needed to be!

Again I am able to take things steadily today and the discomfort in my hips moves around to different areas before settling back into the left side again. I realise this is a time to actually give to me and so I stop feeling guilty about not ‘achieving’ and allow myself to do the essentials to take care of myself and then rest. Actually I’m feeling it’s a bit like going to a spa to detox , but at home – and a lot cheaper! The sun is shining so I can get outside; all the juices for the day are made. I can enjoy a mag bath, as well as a clay footbath and chill!

Day 28 (1988)

Well it’s the last day of the formal cleanse today! I can hardly believe it – it has gone so quickly.

I have lost 10 pounds over the 4 weeks, as well as a few inches off various body measurements. When I look in the mirror my skin is clear and my eyes bright. The whites are very white! In addition my nose and sinuses feel clear again and my back feels strong – both have been weak points in the past.

I’m feeling so good I really want to keep going. My aim isn’t to lose more weight, but having seen how powerful this cleanse is to help move old stuck emotions from toxic cells, I want to go back through the years until I reach that of my birth. There are certain behaviour patterns and habits that I am aware are holding me back, so anything that can help move those along is very welcome. And anyway I’m really enjoying doing the programme. It feels wonderful to be giving my body such healthy nourishing nutrients on a regular daily basis.

I’m told it is OK to keep going, but if I don’t want to lose any more weight I simply add more protein to the smoothies and an extra avocado each day. Some people are on Day 50 and still going!

There is a post cleanse maintenance programme, with a few options, so if I feel I need to stop for a bit I can move onto that and then go back on the cleanse fully when ready again.

I’ll keep going with the blog until I’ve got back to my birth with weekly updates.
See you next week!

PS – Haha – just realised if you stick with the blog you’ll find out how old I am! Ah well, there are no secrets and nothing is hidden is it? :)

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