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The 28 Day Power Cleanse – a blog

Week 9 Days 57 – 63 (1959 – 1953)

The last week of the cleanse for me, having gone back from the present day to the day of my birth in one go.

I took a dip in mood again this week. Quite possibly because of the years in my life I have been detoxing. A few timely reminders about where to focus, plus some more repeating of the supporting techniques and by the end I was back to feeling fab again.

So that’s it – it’s a wrap! All done – or is it? It’s been so long since I used them I’ve just found cobwebs on my saucepans! Oh, and can someone remind me what that big metal box attached by a fat cable to the mains in my kitchen is? Ha!

Ready to juice - all good stuff!
Ready to juice – all good stuff!

In summary this has been an amazing few weeks, and I feel transformed in so many ways, eating patterns, body shape and fitness, mental attitudes and alertness etc etc. It really goes to show that when you give yourself huge quantities of nutrition not only do you not feel hungry, you still lose weight if you need to by losing the toxic fat cells, and without a calorie-counter in sight! In fact we are told that someone on a previous programme, who wanted to lose weight faster, actually cut down on their juices and smoothies but didn’t lose any weight, whereas when they upped their intake they lost it. So weight loss, and health, is not just about the number of calories we consume it’s about quality and quantity of the nutrients we consume and absorb.

I can hardly believe I’ve done it, but the truth is that despite some wobbles along the way, on the whole the time has gone very fast and I’m almost wondering if I really want to go back to normal eating again. The maintenance plan involves a mixture of juices, smoothies and meals, so it will be a gradual reintroduction.

With so many thanks to Mike Robinson and Jo Le Rose for preparing this fabulous programme with the love, support and care with which they do everything, together with their matchless understanding about what is really happening in all aspects of the detoxing process.

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