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The 28 Day Power Cleanse – a blog

Week 7 Days 43 – 49 (1973 – 1967)

I’m so happy that the changes of the last two weeks have been maintained and my health and energy is now going from strength to strength.

I’ve not experienced a sudden change, but a gradual increase in stamina, and feelings of wellbeing. Because it’s happening so gradually it’s hard to chart, but I do feel different. The only way I can describe it is as if a weight is gradually and almost imperceptibly being lifted. When I look back at what I wrote last week, and remember what a struggle everything was, it’s as if it was another person.

It’s been a busy few days too as I had a house guest for a week – a very tolerant one as I juiced and cleansed my way through the days – we’ve had fun ‘holidaying at home’, giving me a chance to spend time enjoying some of the things where I live has to offer, which is a lot. It has also been full on and barely time for a breather. Saturday, was a long day. Up at 4am travelling 4 hours each way to a conference getting home late in the evening. Previously that would have wiped me out, but here I am, up with the lark, writing up this week’s experiences, so something has definitely shifted.

I’m actually really happy doing the cleanse recipes every day. Although you can mix and match them after the initial 28 days, I’m generally sticking to the programme as it makes it easier to shop and I like them all! If I’ve run out of something it is good to be able to swap things around rather than HAVE to get the ingredients – I live 15 minutes drive from the nearest main shops so it’s convenient to be organised!

It’s been a good week and pretty uneventful on the juicing front, so I must have got the hang of that! The cleanse has really become part of my life and I almost can’t imagine doing anything else, or eating any other way. My weight has stabilised too, I’m not losing any more, and my skin is looking good. All in all I’m a happy bunny this week.

Two more weeks to go to B day!

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